MWPW Amanda Walter has "No Reservations"...

on Wednesday, 28 March 2012.

MWPW Amanda Walter has "No Reservations" about her love affair with good food and wine....

AW_Bio1. How did you become interested in wine? Was there a specific bottle, trip, event, or something else that hooked you on wine?

I've always liked to indulge, and while I'd like to be able to say that living in Italy turned me on to wine, I really just used living in Italy as an excuse to drink really cheap (but really good in hindsight) wine. I think what got me really into it was when I worked at a pretty nice restaurant where we'd have wine tastings before each shift.

2. What wine(s) are you loving right now?

I personally think that Venge Vineyards makes some of the best wine around; their proprietary Zinfandel blend called Scouts Honor is like liquid gold. But I'm very into anything Ram's Gate right now. Their wines are new but really interesting, and I'm anxious to see where they go next.

3. The craziest wine/food pairing I ever had (or want to try) was/is __________

Not too crazy, but very crazy good is the seared Sonoma foie gras (with hickleberry gastrique, brioche and hazelnuts) with Ram's Gate 2009 Late Harvest Zin is pretty spot on fantastic.

4. I know I'm excited about a certain wine when I.....

Make lots of funny noises when I drink it

Want the bottle all to myself

Want everyone I know to try some

Stock it like a squirrel hoarding nuts for the winter

Go through my stash in a flash

Can't stop smiling

Enter into a deep, zen-like state of contemplation when I drink it

5. If you could share a bottle of wine with someone famous (living or not) with whom would you share it?

Anthony Bourdain. No explanation needed really. That guy defines "cool".

6. If you could travel to any wine region in the world right now, where would it be?

Bordeaux, France

7. If I were a wine, a wine writer would describe me as.....


8. Is there anything we missed about you that you want to share with the My Wine School community?

I'll eat and drink pretty much anything, and I'll more thank likely have a strong opinion about it.

Thanks to Amanda for sharing... Cheers!

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