MWS' very first My Wine Peep of the Week

on Monday, 27 February 2012.

GQ's Man of the Year (wink wink)

MWS' very first My Wine Peep of the Week

Justin Rutchik:

MWS: How did you become interested in wine? Was there a specific bottle, trip, event, or something else that hooked you on wine?

JR: I have always had an interest in the "mystery juice" known as wine. But my breakthrough came about 2+ years ago... with a good friend of mine, we came up with the idea to form a wine club in the spirit of unlocking the mystery behind this wonderful libation.

MWS: What wine(s) are you loving right now?

JR: Got hooked on those inexpensive Washingtons after one of the *WineCASTS. Right now my favorite wines/producers (are) Michel Picard Sancerre, Venge from Napa, Bonarda from Argentina, Rioja, Albarino, & good ole Molly Dooker. Yum! (*Check out WineCASTs #25 & #26 on WA state reds!)

MWS: The craziest wine/food pairing I ever had (or want to try) was/is _________

JR: Not super crazy but fun. At a place called Lava Vines in Napa they paired watermelon with a piece of mint on top and a sprinkle of sea salt with a crisp Sav Blanc. Refreshingly different.

MWS: I know I'm excited about a certain wine when I..... (check the boxes)


*Want the bottle all to myself

*Want everyone I know to try some

*Can't stop smiling

*Enter into a deep, zen-like state of contemplation when I drink it

JR's Comment: When a wine looks sexy, smells of arrogance, and tastes like sophistication. That's when I raise an eyebrow of content and display a snicker of appeasement. For a moment, I've found a moment.

MWS: Well said, JR! If you could share a bottle of wine with someone famous (living or not) with whom would you share it?

JR: Oz Clarke, hands down. He cracked me up on James May Road Trip. And "wine" not, you know you're with someone who will appreciate it.

MWS: If you could travel to any wine region in the world right now, where would it be?

JR: Spain

MWS: Oh! We need to get you signed up on to go on our "Great Spanish Wine Adventure"! Next, if I were a wine, a wine writer would describe me as.....

JR: Spicy, complex, bold....

Appearance: Clear- no faults

Nose: Clean- I wear some manly cologne so I'd fit the "developed" with earth and spice notes.

Palate: OK, it just got weird

Conclusion: OUTSTANDING, drink now with no aging, Wisconsin Varietal,

Vintage 1974, Premium priced. :)

MWS: Sounds fantastic, we'd buy a bottle! ;)

Thanks to Justin for sharing and for being our first MWPW... Cheers!


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